Home sweet home.


New Yorkers entering spring.


A piece describing the feelings of sedation. / An image for The Unknown Knowns by Jeffery Rotter. "I am the guy in the water thinking about water."

Twenty Stories

Illustrations for Twenty Stories, a local destination for contemporary readers and writers. Illustrations are used for packaging and in store placement.


Self reflection.

T Brand Studio - HP

Illustrations for HP and T Brand Studio about 3D printing.


An image for Quell Skate 002, an all women’s skate magazine.

Quell 003

An image for Quell Skate 003, an all women’s skate magazine.


Akira in the J.E.M. realm.




The Dime Piece Series.


David Hockney-ish.

Exploring time and space through light, color, and shadow.


Pieces for the Grand Vocabulary: American Contemporary Illustration, an exhibit at The Delaware Contemporary.


Pieces for The Great Outdoors an environmental charity show. And Melted City 4, a traveling exhibition.


An illustration for Zupi Magazine, a contemporary art magazine. / And an image for an essay about divorce.